Powerful Screen Recorder and Video Editor

Record your Screen

With ScreenToVideo, you can capture an application window, a chosen area, or your entire screen with just one click.

Publish and Share

Export your project as MP4 video and embed it into an HTML player so that it can be presented on any device.

Built-in Editor

Create amazing videos by adding texts, shapes, zoom effects, sounds, images, videos, and animations to your screen recording.

Easy to Use

ScreenToVideo has an intuitive interface and just the right tools to create a presentation in a matter of minutes!


  • Record your screen with just one click
  • Record webcam to add a personal touch to your video
  • Add voice-over narration at capture time
  • Capture any sound played by your computer
  • Use our Timer to be prepared for a great start


  • Crop, trim and split the screen recording
  • Add professional transitions for the entire video or just for an object
  • Zoom area to focus a viewer’s attention
  • Add customizable effects to your videos, texts, images, shapes
  • Bring objects to life with animations
  • Text-to-Speech powered by Google Cloud Text-to-Speech or Microsoft SAPI
  • Export HD videos to MP4 or WMV
Who is ScreenToVideo designed for?

Students and Teachers

Students are more likely to retain a message when watching a video than reading a text. ScreenToVideo provides an efficient way of learning by combining visual with audio information.



Three out of four customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video. ScreenToVideo can be used to create engaging interactive presentations that boost conversion and retention rates.



The customizability and ease of use make ScreenToVideo the perfect tool to start video editing. Learn about well-known effects, transitions, and animations while building your own components.

Get started on professional video editing!