Do you need some inspiration? Below you can find some short tutorials on how to use our built-in components and create your video in a matter of minutes.

Record the Screen

ScreenToVideo manages the whole production cycle: from recording to editing and exporting. This tutorial reveals how simple it is to record your screen along with your webcam and microphone. All input sources come with many adjustable properties.

Setting Recorder Properties

The recording window has an intuitive design with many options grouped in dropdowns. Set the parameters of the video and start your first project.

Add a text

This video shows how simple it is to create a text area inside a rounded balloon. Both in and out transitions are added to provide a better user experience.

Use a sketch animation

Sketch animations are very easy to use and can be adjusted to automatically revert and/or continuously loop. Combining them is a good way to draw the attention of your audience.

Use Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Do you want to use a professional voice? You can use Google Text-to-Speech to include audio to your video. Alternatively, you can choose among Microsoft voices.

Add a freeze frame

Adding freeze frames can be incredibly useful when giving more details. Splitting and removing a segment of your screen recording is also very easy.

Export video with an HTML player

Exporting has never been so easy. You can embed your video in an HTML player that allows interactivity and choose what happens at the end. Multiple formats are available: MP4, WMV, and GIF.

Add interactivity to your screen recording

Let your viewers directly interact with your demo by including buttons, video actions, markers, and a customizable video player.

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